Hey there, welcome to one of my many homes on the internet.

A little about myself, I’m a freelance writer and lover of all things video game related. I have been a live streamer on Twitch.tv and a content creator on Youtube for a few years. I love to research new ideas and explore the depths of the video game industry.

This wonderful little place is where I come to write about them. While I primarily focus on video content there are just times you can’t beat the written word. Here I focus on writing features or working of projects that just don’t work well in video format. I explore new ideas on old games, work on weekly features and you may get a review from time to time.

In addition to games here’s where I come to write about other media such as; game related tv shows, anime, and chiptune artists.

Primarily this is a place where I come to work when I need to get a thought out. Please look around, enjoy yourself and if you have the time please provide feedback.

Please feel free to email me at any time,  your support means a great deal to me.